What is it?

The Triple S – Sustainably Sourced and Supplied – is a complete platform for agricultural, environmental and social management that allows farmers to control their production and manage their properties in a practical, responsible and transparent manner.

In 2015, the 3S Program underwent updates on its content in order to align its indicators with the most demanding sustainability requirements in the international market.

In the same year the program received recognition from The European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation, which represents 25 national associations in 24 member states of the European Union (FEFAC). The Federation has its own guideline on the theme of sustainability and guides all its members to comply, choosing some certification models that meet all the requirements and that serve as an alternative to its members when choosing suppliers and products.

Farm animals in the EU-28 consume about 475 million tonnes of feed per year, of which about 30% are produced by feed manufacturers, which means a great potential demand for sustainable soy in the market.

How does it work?

It includes awareness of farmers, diagnosis of the situation of the properties under the principles and criteria of the 3S, action plan and monitoring, focusing on the continuous improvement process of all affiliated properties. The whole process is carried out voluntarily, thus uniting farmers, IBS (Instituto BioSistêmico) and Cargill as partners in the program.


The concept involves three segments that should always be in balance to achieve sustainability: economy, social development and environment.

3S is committed to searching for this balance!


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