Commitment to Sustainability

We work hard to face all complex economic, environmental and social challenges of our supply chains. We believe that a sustainable supply chain respects people and human rights, produces safe and healthy food, treats animals in a respectable way, promotes the best and most responsible farming practices, and reduces the environmental impact, including land protection and conservation of scarce resources. Cargill works with business partners, farmers, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and communities to promote a sustainable economic development and responsible practices.

  • We make use of innovative approaches to conserve resources, use renewable raw materials and reduce the impact in order to help to preserve and protect the environment
  • We promote the best and most responsible farming practices, including close collaboration with farmers in order to increase their income and enhance their performance in a sustainable manner
  • We are committed to safeguarding the health and safety of the food we produce and sell
  • We respect people and human rights, treat our employees with dignity and respect, providing them with safe and healthy work environments

Cargill’s goal is to feed people. It is a simple and sincere goal that is becoming increasingly challenging due to the continuous growth of the world population. Since the crops that feed people and animals need water, air, soil and light to grow, we must continue to protect the natural resources of our planet in a responsible manner. The continued success of Cargill requires our commitment to protecting the environment every day.

What is Cargill doing to confront deforestation?

At the UN Climate Summit, held in September 2014 in New York, Cargill joined dozens of other companies, governments and civil society groups from all over the world to support the New York Declaration on Forests.

Click here to see what the company is already doing to confront deforestation in all its production chains.

Take a look at Cargill’s Policy on Forests. Also, find out Cargill’s Action Plans for Forest Protection.

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