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3S Operation


tonnes of monitored soybean


affiliated properties

Mato Grosso, Pará, Paraná and Goiás

operation per state

Sustainably Sourced and Supplied

Our actions are based on four action pillars:


Habitat Maintenance / Deforestation Prevention


Continuous improvement


Protect the welfare of rural workers


Management of greenhouse gas emissions

Why should I participate in the program?

  • Farmers that adopt sustainability and management programs have better performance and economic results
  • The certification makes the product more competitive in the global market
  • The participation in the program promotes the continuous improvement of environmental and labor matters and a better property management
  • Diagnosis + Action Plan + Technical Assistance (Free and Volunteer)

How does it work?

It includes awareness of farmers, diagnosis of the situation of the properties under the principles and criteria of the 3S, action plan and monitoring, focusing on the continuous improvement process of all affiliated properties. The whole process is carried out voluntarily, thus uniting farmers, IBS and Cargill as partners in the program.

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